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When choosing an electrician for your next project, don't you want someone efficient? At RYCON, our client's needs come first. That means when we book you in, you're our first priority!


Don't you love when someone is passionate about their work? At RYCON, we want you to be happy. This is why we always commit our time to going above and beyond your expectations!


Do you want to save money for your next project? At RYCON, we know that saving money means spending it on things important to your family. Being a small business means we can help you save on your next projects.



Being a local, small business means that RYCON is able to deliver the service you need and Eastern Ontario demands. We will work hard to ensure you get the highest level of service from a local electrician. 


Local, small businesses have to work harder to ensure our clients are satisfied with our work. This is why we will work with you to guarantee that we have exceeded your expectations.


We know that your family is a top-priority, as with ours. That is why we provide the safest service with your family in mind. 


...saved me in a jiffy

RYCON was able to save me in a jiffy! They were so fast with getting their work done and it didn't cost me 'an arm & a leg' like I thought!

...recommended the correct purchase

After much deliberation from several “Lighting Professionals”, RYCON came, after hours, to assist us at Brockville Speedway. Their Lighting Professionals recommended the correct purchase of lights for use at the speedway. If it weren’t for RYCON, we would have not put up the proper lights for the drivers on the track. Great job Rick and his crew at RYCON.

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